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Sincerely welcome businessmen both at home and abroad joined to create the "jinqi" of the glorious door industry!
First, join conditions:
1, A natural person or legal representative.
2, Love the wooden doors of the industry and the industry are forward-looking vision and innovation, hard, brave spirit. 
3, Must possess the necessary operating funds. 
4, the operating region should be consistent with the yongjia of the rational distribution of industry marketing network. 
5, The flag shall be compliance with the policy of the door industry marketing and distribution of other provisions of the contract by the terms of the operating range of products have customers, the company under the same conditions given priority.
Second, the company business strategy: 
     yongjia industry to cooperate in good faith, the principle of mutual benefit; to the needs of the most important goal of the user; to products and services carefully the idea of doing a good job; to allow agents to do the happy users of the assured
Third, the company support:
1, Of the "yongjia" special dealer free of charge "yongjia" the image of a unified national advertising supplies stores.
2, Provide strong direction and development of market prices, in order to join to create huge profits without having to look over their space and services.
3, In accordance with changes in the market, professional marketing staff to send a regular basis for the national sales marketing guide.
4, Of the franchisee marketing ways and means a full range of strategic guidance and training, as well as the normal operation of the exchange, consultation, to allow the market to join in the accurate positioning.

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